How Quitting Can Be Helpful Even If You Have COPD

So you are diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. You know that there is no cure for that, right? Don’t be sorry. It happens because you have been abusing your body for so long and you are reaping the rewards for that abuse. But it is not the end of the road for you. As long as you quit smoking there is still promise waiting for you even if you have COPD. Living with COPD should not be a source of drag. You can still live normally despite having the condition. Here are some steps that you can take to quit smoking and live a normal and healthy live even if you have COPD.


It clears things up

The best step you can make when you are trying to survive despite COPD is to quit smoking. The moment you make that decision to quit is an opportunity to overcome the challenges of having COPD. Getting rid of the habit improves your chances to have a healthier lung and slow down the progression of total lung failure. Even years after quitting the health benefits to the lungs remain evident. In just eight years, the loss of lung function will be the same rate as non-smokers. Let’s face it. The lung damage that has been done is no longer reversible. But if you quit now, your COPD woes will be less cumbersome and the symptoms will be minimal.


It improves life

When a smoker quits smoking tobacco, suddenly their outlook in life changes for the better. The mindset improves because there is a renewed sense of keeping the body healthy. Most quitters employ health strategies and modify their lifestyle to improve lung function or at least reduce the rate of decline due to COPD. Former smokers are more active than ever. You will start seeing people with COPD doing more activities and even engaging in recreational running if not joining competitions such as road races or at least half-marathons. The conditions will lead to happier and more contented life that is no longer slave to the addiction of nicotine that has been the thorn for so long.


It makes you value life

Smokers have this devil-may-care attitude about life. When smokers started smoking they just want to appear cool despite the health warnings. Smokers often ignore it because hey people only live once. It will not until something hits the fan that smokers realize that they are living a lie all these years. Smoking is not cool but utter stupidity to waste precious moments on earth and becoming selfish to the needs of friends and family having you around.


COPD cannot be cured but certainly you can live longer even if you have it. Quitting is the first step that any sufferer should take. It sets the tone for better things to happen. Quitting improve the physical as well as the mental well-being. These are important because once you have COPD you may become depressed. COPD is incurable but it does not mean that you can’t do something about it.